Let’s continue making McHenry County the place to live, work, and visit!

Re-elect Theresa Meshes for District 1 County Board

About Theresa Meshes

Theresa Meshes is committed to McHenry County and working so that our community honors the ideals of commitment to each other, to the environment, and to growing responsibly.


The McHenry County Board has 7 standing committees, 2 commissions, and 23 liaison roles. Board members vote on zoning, county licenses, appointments, funding, taxation, regulations, and planning for nearly all public functions.

Theresa is an eager learner, a good researcher, and seeks the opinion and knowledge of experts in their fields. She is determined to be an informed voice in the roles for which she is assigned as a board member.

Areas of focus

  • Protecting our natural resources
  • Purposeful, sustainable development
  • Fair treatment of residents and visitors throughout McHenry County
  • Access for all to health services
  • Economic Health
  • Respect and Care of our Veterans and Armed Forces
  • Planning and supporting the growing population of seniors within McHenry County
  • Supporting collaboration between county departments

Community Quotes

Theresa Meshes is thoughtful, analytical, and cares about the people of McHenry County.

― Jen Gipson

Theresa was a very dependable volunteer. She delivered meals to the seniors for Salvation Army Golden Diners. I could always count on her to be there for delivery.

― Dorothy Fagerson

Theresa Meshes cares about the community.  I have seen her at several community meetings.  She has attended social services open houses, attended MHB town hall, attends the substance abuse coalition meetings, montly MHB meetings, suicide task force etc.  She is very involved in the community.  She tries very hard to stay on top of issues and is always looking to educate herself.  This is to help the citizens of McHenry county.  I believe she represents the county very well.  She is highly approachable in all issues.  She is conscientious and honest.   She is dependable.  She is an asset to McHenry county.  I have never seen more involvement from a Board member.  I strongly encourage you to take time to get to know her. 

-Connee Meschini  President of McHenry County Mental Health Board.

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